International Women’s Day: March Against the Cuts – Glasgow ~ 10th March 2012

9 March 2012 at 9:01 pm

From 14:00 until 17:00
Assembly point: Shuttle Street

Glasgow Coalition of Resistance is calling this demonstration and welcomes support from women’s groups, trade unions and campaigns. Please contact:

The cuts of the Condem government disproportionately affect women, with over 70% of those hit women. Women are also 65% of public sector works who face redundancies and attacks on their conditions. In particular, public care services, often staffed by women, are being targeted, leaving women more vulnerable to precarious work. Additionally, women bear the double burden of picking up unpaid caring work in the home, increased through attacks on benefits and services.

Cuts are also hitting vital women’s services in an environment where 1/5 women experience domestic violence, with 2 women killed every week by an intimate partner, and 1/4 women are seriously sexual assaulted during their lifetime. Just on university campuses a recent study showed that 1/7 female students are seriously assaulted and almost 70% are a victim of sexual harassment during their period of study.

Cuts will disproportionately affect women’s access to education, particularly as a major barrier to education is in childcare and costs. Cuts to child benefits will therefore have a huge impact on women’s ability to gain entry and remain in education. Courses which are more likely to be taken by women are the hardest hit under proposed cuts. Women are also disproportionately represented in college, adult and continuing education which are facing cuts, thus again restricting women’s access to higher education.

Fight against cuts and fight for women’s rights.

March assembling at 2pm, with a rally at 4pm. Open to everyone.

We demand:
* No cuts to women´s services
* Free childcare
* Decent working conditions
* An end to sex discrimination
* Support working mothers- rebuild the welfare state

We welcome input and suggestions for the march, and demands that women should make.

Backed by:
* Glasgow University Feminist Society
* PCS Union
* USDAW Scottish Youth Committee
* Nathan Sparling-NUS Scotland LGBT Officer
* Kelley Temple-NUS Scotland Women’s Officer
* NUS Scotland Women’s Campaign
* Edith Halvarsson-Glasgow University SRC Gender Equality Officer
* Lucky Dhillon-Glasgow Univeristy SRC Race Equality Officer
* Unite Scotland
* Equity
* CWU West and Central Scotland
* Patrick Harvey MSP



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