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Women’s Childbirth right in the 21st Century Mar 1st – May 31st 2012

Online Campaign:

As women world wide celebrate IWD in March 2012, ‘Women Mentoring Women’ have decided to make a difference in the lives of women in Nigeria who have a high risk of dying during childbirth ( 1 in 8 presently die as a result of childbirth).

Nigeria currently has the second highest maternal death rate in the world. Hence we are running a campaign to raise awareness and raise funds for a garment (the non-pneumatic anti-shock garment) that can save lives.

For more information on our campaign please visit:

Contact Name: Funke Oham
Phone: 07985 282251


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The MWR £10 pound appeal…. Million Women Rise really needs your help!


The £10 pound appeal….

Million Women Rise really needs your help to make this years march happen if you can donate £10 (if you can afford it) towards this years march. It would go a long way. Please see below to donate or go to how to get invovled page and find ways of donating. YOU REALLY WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND IF YOU CANT PLEASE SPREAD THIS WIDE AND FAR AND ENCOURAGE SOMEONE YOU KNOW TO DONATE! Thank you x

Why donate to Million Women Rise?

Million Women Rise is a grass roots organisation that in 2008 gathered the biggest women’s march this country has seen for many years. On Saturday 5th March 2011 Million Women Rise again marched the streets of London. The march brought together thousands of Women and Children from around the country to call for the end of male violence against women in all its forms, and to celebrate 100 years of International Women’s Day. We need to raise money to pay for our march including public liability insurance and stage equipment for Trafalgar Square. We still need to raise money to cover the cost of the march and celebrations and to help fund our campaigning work through out the year.

Million Women Rise has a lot of energy and as grass roots, ordinary, women from all walks of life we have built the MWR coalition together from our sheer commitment to ending male violence in all its forms against all women and girls.

Million Women Rise promotes real change that is based on truth, unity, peace and love and we rely on the support of women like yourselves in the form of sponsorship and donations to keep our voice autonomous. Everyone who works for Million Women Rise is a unpaid volunteer, none of our money is spent on wages. This means that all of your money goes directly to the cause.

All donations, no matter how small, are appreciated.

Your donations help us maintain the independence we need in order to carry on campaigning for us all to live in a world free from male violence.

For different methods of making a donation please go to

8 February 2012 at 3:06 pm

red women’s symbol with black continents


International Women's Day!March 8th, 2012
IWD is celebrated all over the world on 8th March

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